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AZeotropy, India’s largest Chemical Engineering Symposium, is a unique mix of intriguing competitions, lecture series, panel discussions, exhibitions, workshops, and other learning-related activities. We are a non-profit organization aimed to bridge the gap between students, industry, and academia. We aim to manifest the very spirit of Chemical Engineering in young students from all corners of India, encouraging participation from 200+ colleges, 50+ industrialists of the field and an average footfall of 11000. The symposium has witnessed lectures by eminent personalities such as Gerald Fuller (Professor of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University), Douglas Buttrey (Professor at the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Delaware),Abraham D Stroock(Cornell University), Harsha Bhogle (an Indian cricket Commentator and journalist) and more.


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Through our CAMPUS AMBASSADOR PROGRAM, AZeotropy allows you to demonstrate your leadership and organisational abilities. Campus Ambassadors are AZeotropy's representatives in their respective colleges, and their job is to connect with students who are interested in participating in AZeotropy's different events, competitions, and workshops. Students from all colleges with chemical, petrochemical, or petroleum engineering programmes are encouraged to register.

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Raghav Agrawal

Overall Coordinator

Kriti Agarwal

overall coordinator

Harsh Baldawa

Competition manager

Pratiksha Pimpalshende

Competition Manager

Abhi Manjunath

Competition Manager

Jainam Doshi

Event Manager

Shardul Kamble

Event Manager

Satwik Dwivedi

Marketing Manager

Kriti Chaturvedi

Marketing Manager

Deepak Thorat

Web Manager

Sabhya sanchi

Web Manager

Anjali Sadaphule

Public Relations Manager

Jeewan Chandra Joshi

Public Relations Manager

Jahnavi Yadav

Design Manager

Abhay Kadapa

Design Manager